Streaking & Colouring: Do You Need Them?

“Do you think you really need to colour your hair or get streaks?”This is one question that is often asked by many people your own parents, girlfriend, friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. Their reaction (read: question) confuses you and it turns out, you yourself don’t have a logic behind this decision.




It is okay.

This is where we come to your rescue. Next time you plan to colour your hair or get some blond streaks, just read the following points to arrive at a decision:


1. Consult With The stylist:

To pull of coloured hair or streaks is not an easy job. You have to make sure you don’t look funny. This is why you must go and consult the stylist. Choose the colour depending upon your skin and face type. The stylist will be able to help you decide better.

He or she can even show you samples of coloured hairs & photographs of clients and introduce you to different grooming products available in the market. After all, it needs to be an informed decision!


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2. Can You Really Pull It Off?:

If you are still confused after the consultation, ask yourself if you really want to do this. You already have an expert’s opinion in front of you. But, the final decision is yours.

The point is coloured hair or streaks should really suit you. The whole process shouldn’t do any damage to your hair. It should be worth the money and your time.




3. What Grooming Products Do You Use?:

Once you colour your hair you must know that there are certain “do’s and don’ts” post the process. If you are a big fan of using hair conditioners and styling gels, then that is going to affect the results post colouring.

Moreover, you might have to put an end to using those grooming products after getting your hair coloured.



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4. Quality Of Hair Matters:

If your hairs are fragile and look dead or you experience heavy hair fall it is best you avoid the colouring/streaking process altogether. All colouring products have chemicals in them which can further cause damage to your hair.




Colouring/streaking might be temporary but the process can have permanent effect on your hair. Are you willing to take that risk? Please make sure you don’t get your hairs coloured at the expense of your hair and end up going bald in the future.