Side burn styles that you can sport anytime

Sideburns may seem like just a patch of hair that grows alongside your face but in reality it can either make or break your Robert Pattinson inspired look. Following the latest fashion trends for men? If yes, then don’t forget to style up your sideburns. Do you want to know how you can reign the fashion world this year with your sideburns? Read on.


Side burn styles that you can support anytime

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1. Long sideburns:

Do not extend sideburns beyond the midpoint of your ear. For a round face,go for longer sideburns to break the roundness of your face. A long sideburn will compliment your well-groomed beard, too! So, go ahead and experiment with your side burns!


Long sideburns

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2. Short sideburns:

If you are a fan of the clean shaved look, then go for short sideburns. Short sideburns will complement your clean shaved face and will give you a neat, chocolate boy look. Shorter sideburns hitting your mid ear are recommended for an oval face!


Short sideburns

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3. Medium length sideburns:

The latest fashion styles advocate medium length sideburns. No matter what your face shape is, you are likely to pull off the medium length sideburns look!


Medium length sideburns


Don’t be a fashion faux pas by evening out your sideburns using earlobes rather use your index finger. An uneven sideburn look can make a fool out of you!