Shaving Tips to Remember

Shaving has become an integral part of our lives. It is almost impossible to step out of the house without a proper shave. Even if you have a beard, you’ll still need to trim it properly. But how do you manage a quality shave? It is fairly simple.

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll come out with flying colours.




Tip No.1:

Get a decent razor with a fresh, sharp blade. Of course you can definitely use the multi-blade cartridge razors but we’re just saying that it is not a must to have a great shave. You can still have one with a disposable razor.

Tip No. 2:

Get yourself a shaving brush. Now don’t freak out but try to get one which has badger’s hair. This is the only fabric which will carry water from the sink up to your face and not to mention will also give you the best lather.




Tip No. 3:

Apply lukewarm water on your face before you start with the shaving. Wash your face in the shower. Trust us, this is the best way to do it. Then soak your face in hot, moist towel for a minute or more. You’ll also need a bowl of water to refresh the razor.

Tip No. 4:

Start shaving off the facial hair with the grain in short strokes. Don’t do over than an inch or two. Wet your razor in hot water in between.

Tip No. 5:

Make sure you’re reducing the friction between your razor and your face as much as you can. Never hold your razor hard against your face. The best shave should make you feel as though the razor is gliding effortlessly across your cheeks. This is why we use shaving cream however you’ll need to choose the right one. If you feel your razor blade is rubbing against your cheek then your shaving cream has failed. A shaving cream lubricates your skin in order to for the blade to not to cut the skin.




However, what you should remember is that to get the best shaves one needs to have enough practice. Practice makes one perfect. So the next time you’re buying a new shaving cream or gel, you know how to test it. You can experiment with soap as well as they are slippery, however shaving creams provide moisturizing to some extent which is good for the skin. In the end it is your call. But don’t be afraid to pick up the razor and give yourself one good shave.