Shaving Tips For Men With Acne Trouble

Suffering from acne? Need to shave without getting in the way of those pesky little bumps? While there may not be a well-defined approach to achieving a perfect shave for acne prone skin, some tricks may just ease the process. Let’s look at ways in which shaving can be made a less painful task.


Shaving tips for men with acne trouble

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1. Prepare Your Skin:

You should always take a warm shower before you start shaving. What warm water does is softens hair follicles and makes it easy to shave them off. If you don’t find enough time for a shower, you can wash your face with a mild cleanser and dab a towel soaked in lukewarm water.


Prepare your skin
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2. Get The Right Razor:

Always remember that using multi-blade as well as lift & cut razors isn’t such a good idea for your skin. The more the number of blades, the more your skin becomes vulnerable to irritation. Chances are high that pimple heads might get busted and lead to the spread of bacteria. Manual razors with no more than two blades would be your best bet.


Get the right razor
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3. Master The Technique:

At all times, refrain from shaving over the pimples as it might cause break-out of white heads. Make sure that you don’t apply too much of pressure on the razor while shaving. A gentle stroke in the same direction as that of the hair growth would be the ideal way to shave. Though shaving with the grain might not give you a close shave, but it protects your already damaged skin from further damage.


Master the technique


4. Finish It Off Like A Pro:

After each shave, always wash the razor head with rubbing alcohol to ensure that it is free of germs for the next shave. Also, wipe off the residual shaving lather from your face and rinse thoroughly with warm water. You could even apply a cleansing toner, but make sure that it is alcohol-free.


Finish it off like a pro
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Shaving in the right way is important, even more so if you have acne prone skin. Follow the suggested tips and tricks, and keep skin problems at bay. Shave right and keep your skin healthy. All geared up to shave now?