Shaving Cream or Shaving Foam: Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to grooming products like shaving lubricants then there is a lot of variety for men to choose from. Foam, gel, soap, cream, there is a lot to choose from. Rather than just picking up whatever you are used to, you should focus on your needs and select your product accordingly. From the contents in your shaving lubricant to your skin and stubble type, a lot of factors need to be considered:




1. Shaving Lubricant:

Lubricants are used to decrease the discomfort of shaving by providing a protective layer against razor burn and to keep your skin healthy after being constantly scraped against a razor. Foams have a higher alcohol content than creams and tend to dry out your skin rather than hydrate it.



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2. Skin Type:

If your skin is on the drier side then it is advisable to use a glycerin based shaving cream, as it will keep your skin hydrated. Oilier skin types can use shaving foams because of the high alcohol content. You should know how to groom according to your skin type.



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3. Hair Type:

If your beard hair is coarse and tough, then it is advisable to use the best shaving cream for men available as the moisturizing properties will soften the hair and make it easier to shave off. Foams are cheaper and easier to use, and if you feel it works in getting your hair out without any resistance then foams can also be used.



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4. Personal Preference:

Your shaving style, the razor and other products you use, whether you like to work up a lather or use a readymade lather, scented or unscented lubricants, a lot depends on your personal preferences as well.



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Overall shaving creams are a better option than shaving foams, as they are a rich source of moisture to your skin. If you don’t feel the need for the extra hydration however, then what shaving lubricant you use as you figure out how to groom hair is entirely your call.