Shave? Or Skip It?

Do you wake up every morning and find yourself groaning…Why do I need to shave? Well…You are not alone! This question has plagued men all over the world through centuries. It has long been debated and fought over, but the question still remains – To shave or not to shave?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should shave…

Clean Attractive Appearance:




Shaving everyday gives you a clean look. It makes you look stylish and elegant and more attractive to the opposite sex. More women tend to gravitate towards a clean-shaven, suave-looking man rather than one with a beard.

Creates An Impact:




A clean shaven appearance makes you look smart and more dependable. A person who takes care of his appearance comes across as a person who pays attention to detail and this increases your value in the professional sector.

A Cover Up For Less Facial Hair:




If you are one of those guys who have very little facial hair, shaving everyday may increase the growth rate. And it can make it less noticeable to others in your peer group.

Controls Excessive Facial Hair:




For those with excessive facial hair, shaving everyday is a good idea. Not only does it control the growth and give a clean appearance, it also helps prevent skin problems in summer. If you have thick facial hair, there will be increased sebum and sweat activity which leads to acne.

Good For Skin Health:




Shaving everyday helps remove the dead cells from the outer skin surface, which would otherwise accumulate and cause acne. It also prevents bacterial infection as most shaving products like shaving foams and aftershaves have antiseptic components in them.

And then there are those who would argue in favour of beards….

Increases Masculinity:




Most men who grow beards would argue that growing a beard makes them look and feel more masculine. There is a toughness and ruggedness that is associated with a beard which makes you feel like a man. When worn right, it is attractive even to women who don’t like beards.

Commands Authority:




Those with a beard command an authority that goes with the appearance. Men in power have always grown beards giving them a cultured and refined look that commands respect wherever they go.

Health Benefits:




A beard covers the lower half of your face and reduces the risk of skin cancer significantly. A beard works as a filter that helps to keep allergens like dust and pollen out of your nose and mouth. It also retains the moisture and keeps your skin younger looking.

The debate continues and to shave or not to shave remains a personal choice….however it can be a well-informed one.