Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips This Winter

Chapped lips are the worst part of the otherwise beautiful winters. Sure, you can apply lots of lip balm, but that never seems to solve the problem in the long haul, if not done properly. Even though tons of grooming products are available for chapped lips in the market, none of them are able to stop it forever.




Here are five ways to cure the problem of chapped lips this winter:

1. Apply Oil On Lips:

Jojoba and coconut oils not only nourish the skin but also soften the lips. If you particularly have dry and itchy skin, application of coconut oil is recommended. These oils are easily available at any convenience store. All you have to do is slather either of them on your lips before hitting the sack every night.



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2. Beeswax:

This non-allergic skin softener comprises anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that protect the skin against dryness—a condition prevalent during winters.




3. Exfoliate Dry Lips:

Ready to take a step further to ensure soft lips? Try sloughing off the dead dry skin with a lip scrub. You don’t need to do this regularly. Scrubbing lips twice a month is enough. Use a scrub that is not too coarse! This method will fetch better results than some of the best lotions for men available.



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4. Drink Lots Of Water:

We don’t realize this but we do need to consume plenty of water in intervals. Whether it is chilly outside or sweltering hot—it is important to keep yourself hydrated, no matter what. In winters especially, you must take steps to ensure that you drink lots of water. This will keep your skin (including your lips) well hydrated.




5. Apply Lip Balm Frequently:

There are lots of grooming products, especially in lip care, to help you maintain soft and well moisturized lips. Therefore,always keep a lip balm, preferably with shea butter or aloe vera as its major ingredient.



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Also, avoid licking lips every time they get dry. You are only going to make matters worse. So what’s going to be your way of asking‘so long’ to cracked and chapped lips this winter? Take your pick.