Say Goodbye to Beard Dandruff

If you thought there couldn’t be a more embarrassing condition than dandruff from your head spilling on to your shoulders, think again. Beard dandruff. Sounds gross, doesn’t it? Just image how an onlooker would feel at the sight of snowflakes gently flying out of your beard, every time you shake your head to look around or nod at them. Not a pleasant sight is all we can say to sum up the situation.

For those not aware of what beard dandruff is, the flaky white substance is actually a type of yeast that causes your skin to start peeling, thus resulting in dandruff that gets stuck in your beard. Club that with a chilly ambience and high stress levels and you got a salty beard, waiting to be treated.

1. Shave Off

A thick beard tends to provide a lot of cover to the yeast from sunlight, thus instantly doubling its average growth period. The best and most effective way to rid your beard of dandruff is to shave it off, every time the problem gets unmanageable and start afresh. If going clean shaven is just not your thing, then a neat trim will also do the trick, and help you get a grip of the situation. Untitled-7


2. Use a Facial Scrub

Begin by working a facial scrub into the beard area to help get rid of dead skin and free any ingrown hairs. Follow it up by applying medicated anti-dandruff shampoos, or any anti-dandruff shampoo that you use for your scalp will also work for your beard. A useful application tip is to massage the shampoo into your beard and let it be there for a minute or so before washing it off, for optimal results. Go for shampoos with moisturizing components, to nourish the skin beneath the beard as well.




3. Use a Good Shampoo

An important factor is to let the beard soak in water for sometime before applying any product on it. This will help soften the hair follicles and making it more receptive to the products. Splashing the beard with water for a few minutes will help achieve this. Lather up with the anti-dandruff shampoo and rinse. If you live in a cold region or if the chills leave your skin particularly dry, massage a tiny bit of conditioner into your beard as well, before rinsing off.