Rules to your grooming routine

With men’s grooming currently being all the rage everywhere, it is no surprise that this segment has spun into a multi-million dollar industry and that too for a good cause. Let’s talk about rules to your grooming routine.

Bare Essentials:

Nothing works better than a good scrub followed by a hot shower. Though, this may be as basic as it gets, yet it’s imperative to keep your essentials in check. Do keep other small details in mind including regular trimming of nails and clean feet.

Cleansers, lip moisturizers and deodorants are the other basics you must spend your money on.


A good hot shower will keep you fresh through the day



Yes, we said it. A good gentle shaving cream with a nice razor helps in shaving during those cold and cruel winter months and keeps your skin soft and hydrated. Harsher shaving creams tend to play havoc with your skin when it is at its most sensitive.


A good moisturizer goes a long way in keeping the skin soft and looking good. A moisturizer for face is completely different from the moisturizer which is to be used on the rest of the body. So invest in a good face moisturizer depending on your skin, whether you have normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin.


A moisturizer that suits you will wonders


Hair Wax: 

A very important essential to invest in during this time. If you are going to be hopping from one festivity to another, then you wouldn’t want to use the harsh hair sprays or other such products. More use of these lead to more hair fall. Instead opt for a hair wax stick which is healthier for your hair, easy to use and at the same time keeps your style in check.


Opt for a hair wax stick


Keep body odour on the back burner with a good body scent