Reasons Why The Clean Shaven Look Will Always Stay In Vogue

There are certain things that have and will never go out of style for men—a crisp white shirt, a three-piece suit and the clean shaven look. Yes, we all agree that “beards” caused quite a stir among you folks last year, but this so-called rugged style is finally wearing out. Even women are not so impressed these days.




As far as clean shaven looks are concerned, men are opting to sport them again. Here’s why:


1. A Beard Screams “I’m Lazy”:

Haven’t shaved in months and don’t even want to? Well, this means you are supremely lazy. Yes! That’s the kind of signal an unshaven look gives. Even though beards make you look sexy and accentuate your manliness, they often make you look like a “hippie”. Ladies don’t dig hippies!



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2. StubbleIs Not For Everyone:

In fact, keeping a stubble can actually make you look like a homeless man who hasn’t taken a bath for a long time. But the clean shaven look will help you appear dapper, even if you haven’t dressed too well. That’s the evergreen advantage of a clean shaven look!




3. Women Hate Prickly Snuggles:

An irately grown facial hair is quite prickly. And if your lady love is trying to get snugly with you or get close to you, she is going get hurt, thanks to your “symbol of manliness”. Either keep the facial hair and grow them properly or completely shave them off. Don’t hang in the middle!You don’t want to annoy your partner, do you?



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4. Serious Quotient Goes Up:

It’s a given that if you are immaculately dressed and clean shaven, people are going to look up to you and take you as someone with authority. And that kind of treatment will automatically boost your confidence and self-esteem, isn’t it?




5. Beards Make You Look Older:

Mature? Yes. Older? Most definitely! A beard might not always up your game with the ladies or at workplace. However, a clean shaven look will always help you appear a little less old, even if your passport suggests a different number!



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So, go ahead; pick that razor because believe it or not, the clean shaven look is never going to let you down. Whether you are romancing the ladies or trying to work a deal at office—your immaculate look will give the impression of you being someone who is responsible, trustworthy and most importantly, a mature adult!