Premature Greying: Reasons and Cure

Whitening of hair happens for a very simple reason the reduction in the melanin content of the hair. Usually this happens as a process complimentary to aging as the body’s ability to produce melanin reduces. However, if you are experiencing premature greying, it could be because of one of two reasons-modern lifestyle choices or medical abnormalities. There are several ways to deal with this:




1. Reduce on the smoke:

We don’t really associate smoking with greying of hair because it doesn’t seem probable. However, smoking is one of the most major causes of premature greying. It causes oxidative stress in the body which utilizes the nutrients meant to produce melanin. Because of this, the hair does not get the nourishment it requires. To help your body recover from this stress, you should reduce smoking.



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2. Nutritional deficiency:

There are certain vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the production of melanin in your body. Some of the most important ones are Zinc, Copper and Vitamins B12, C and E. Due to our “modern” lifestyles with 14 hour work-days and meals off fast-food trucks, our body does not get the nourishment it requires. To make sure your body gets these essential minerals, you should consider switching to a healthy diet.



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3. Excessive use of hair products:

Today’s generation has seen the most experimentation with hair products, therapies and treatments with the advent of grooming trends. While this is usually good, an excessive use of synthetics reduces the inflow of minerals to your hair. This causes the hair to start greying and also weakens the follicles. You should try using Indian gooseberry (amla) with coconut oil as a therapy for a few months to help your hair get back all the minerals it lost.



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4. Medical conditions:

There are certain medical conditions which at times may prohibit any treatment or therapy to work. Some of these are thyroid, B12 deficiency and Vitiligo. These conditions need to be treated medically and you should consult a physician or a specialist in order to get the best way to treat it.



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Make sure you take good care of your hair as it forms a very major part of your personality. While it seems like a lot of hassle to take care of your hair, you will realize that 15 minutes out of your busy schedule are enough to give it the care it needs.