No Shave November – Things To Know

This is that time of the year when you will find most of your friends and colleagues growing a beard. Contrary to what it may appear, this is not some new trend in fashion for men. During this month, beards are grown for a greater cause—for spreading and supporting cancer awareness.




To understand this latest style for men better, take a quick look at a few facts on Movember:

1. It Started In 2003:

Started more than 12 years ago in Australia, this movement is devoted to spreading awareness about prostate and testicular cancer and raising funds to support the same. It’s a month-long event which calls out to both men and women to forgo shaving and grooming to induce dialogue and raise awareness.




2. It’s In 21 Countries:

Some of the countries where this movement has become popular are Finland, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and the UK.



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3. It Began To Popularize Moustaches:

It was started to make moustaches the new fashion trend for men again. Quite interestingly, no money was raised in 2003.



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Partaking in this movement? Try to keep the following points in mind while growing that perfect mane:

1. Let It Grow:

Growing a beard is not an easy task. It takes eight complete weeks for the patchiness in the stubble to fill in. Be patient.




2. Maintain Cleanliness:

Don’t forget to use a mild soap to clean the skin underneath your beard. Keep your face clean, even when it is covered with a thick sheet of hair!



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3. Oil Your Beard:

The best way to nourish your growing beard is to oil it frequently—just like you oil your hair.




4. Stay Immaculate:

While you are growing your beard, it is important to trim it up to the line on the cheeks and neck. Keep up with the latest style for men with oodles of confidence.



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So put down your razor, and embrace this new fashion trend for men.But don’t forget to participate in this noble cause.Happy November!