Hairstyles To Try Out In 2015

A big part of appearing stylish and professional at the same time is to get a sleek new hairstyle which is bound to turn heads. But how do you choose the right one?

Do not worry! Only for you, we’ve prepared this carefully curated list of top 3 hairstyles for men which are, without a doubt, the latest fad in fashion in the coming year of 2015.

The Side Part:

Are you one of those who are blessed with thick hair with enviable texture and volume? Then this side part is for you! This is one style which will not go out of fashion even in 2015. It’s vintage yet absolutely stylish. You can choose to style your hair in matte, shiny, messy, wavy or up high. Want to try out a simple yet different look? Try parting your hair on the opposite side as opposed to your regular side. That will give you a refreshingly different appearance.


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The Mop:

Try this one out, especially if you have wavy or curly hair. A combination of old school and the casual cool dude look, the mop is an excellent style which is here to stay. If you have fine, straight hair, put on some spray to hold the look in place.




The Band Look:

Yes, we saw David Beckham and Neymar steal many hearts with this look. Now it’s your turn! Irrespective of the type of hair you have, hair bands are awesome accessories. We are sure to see a lot more of this style in 2015.




Whatever hairstyle you choose, make sure that you take good care of your hair. With a head full of beautiful and textured hair, you will be able to pull off any style with élan. Stay stylish, stay in vogue.

Here, an image of how Virat Kohli pulls off yet another stylish haircut: