Myth Busted: You Need Deodorants In Winter Too

Your body odour is the ambience of your physical being. The summer is hot and sweaty, making you conscious of your body odour. A lesser known fact is that winters may not seem to heat you up but, you’re definitely sweating! With winter closing in pretty soon, know why you should pick a deodorant for yourself. Welcome the delights of winter with pleasant scents.



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1. While keeping warm:

Think once of the winter fabrics- wool, silk, fleece, leather, velvet, suede, etc. Direct contact of the skin with any of these fabrics will certainly make you sweat. Because it’s so cold, we’re going to keep our body warm but we forget that warmth generates the need for deodorants. So, don’t look for the sun to use a deodorant!



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2. The alternating temperatures:

We’re constantly trying to keep ourselves warm and cozy with the heaters, blowers and blankets and then step out into the cold exposing ourselves to the rapid transition from hot to cold and vice versa. This transition increases perspiration. And, that’s where your deodorant comes in handy! Go for a powder deodorant that won’t harm the colour of your fabrics.



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3. Bacteria free living:

The bad odour due to sweating is caused by a release of a certain kind of bacteria. Your deodorants and anti-perspirants mask that smell, killing the bacteria and closing the pores. So, for a healthy winter living, bring in the pleasant scents while keeping warm.




So, now you know that deodorants are an around-the-year product like any other cosmetic. Nothing should keep you from smelling good so, go shop now for that sweet scented deodorant to accompany you through the winter warmth. One of the best deos that is a solution to these winter problems is He Respect deo by Emami.