Male Grooming Terms That Are Becoming Quite Popular

Male grooming has gone to another level in the last decade or so. Men need to know how to groom, and they’ve started delving into the world of waxing and threading and what not. Therefore, as in any industry, their own little lexicon of male grooming terms has developed. Check out some of the terms that are becoming popular:




1. Manscaping:

Probably one of the most popular terms in male grooming, it means removing body hair. Over the last decade or so, men have realized that it’s not okay to walk around without trimming or waxing their usually very hairy bodies. If women are expected to tidy up, so are men.



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2. Mampering:

Pampering is for women. When a man is indulging in the occasional facial, relaxing massage, or buying too many grooming products, it’s just him indulging in a bit of ‘mampering’. Totally different thing from pampering.



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3. Brotox:

A man may be using the best men’s face lotion, but he can’t stop the effects of age. Over the past few years, the number of men dabbling in non-invasive plastic surgery has increased a lot. So of course, there is a need for a manlier term for Botox, and the perfect substitute is Brotox!



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4. Manzilian:

Nothing to do with Godzilla, a manzillian is a male version of a Brazillian wax for women, which means getting the hair of your nether regions waxed off. This is possibly the most painful kind of grooming in existence and not too many brave souls go for it.



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So there are special words for men when they dabble in how to groom hair or treat themselves to a day at the spa. Who knows what all the terms the world will come up with as they explore more with this metro-sexual side of themselves.