Arjun Rampal: The Titan Of Hair Styles

The name Arjun Rampal automatically instils the thought, ‘the God of Fashion’!




A model, an actor and known globally for his sense of impeccable style, he is one of the very few Bollywood celebrities who define class in fashion whenever he makes a public appearance. Since the day he started staying in the limelight, he has had an unmistakable sense of fashion trendiness which has made him yummilicious to women.

Deciphering what exactly makes this half Dutch/half Sikh oh-so-yummy and a true blue man of ‘style’ is not easy.


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His story is quite unique. He was spotted by fashion designer RohitBal at a Delhi discotheque when he was still a normal college going boy. Needless to say that his style sense has evolved manifold since. Coming out of the flamboyant look of the early 90’s, he has adopted a more sophisticated dressing sense. But the one thing that remains constant is his nonchalance and cool-casual quotient.

1. The Rockstar With Great Hair:


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What makes Rampal unique amongst his peers is his dedication towards his hair. It has always been very close to his heart. During his modelling days, he used to sport an easy to maintain crew cut. But now, he is well recognized and sought after for his long locks. In between he also sported spikes. Needless to say he rocked all these looks.

The super-duper long locks that he had for his role in the film ‘Rock On’ brought him a lot of compliments. The hairstyle and the role of a troubled guitarist suited him to the T.

Rampal’s style mentor, without a doubt, is RohitBal. The designer acknowledges him as his muse even today and Rampal returns the gratitude by walking for him on the catwalk as a symbol of love and loyalty.

Rampal’s significant moment of pride came when he was picked by Georgio Armani to be the brand’s ambassador in the Indian subcontinent. His knowledge of fashion and global presence earned him the right.

2. Style God:


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Arjun Rampal is the perfect combination of style, personality and intelligence. He defines comfort and ease in style and vice-versa. In a career spanning over a decade, he has never come across as someone who tries too hard to get it right which unfortunately cannot be said about the some of his colleagues.

Right from his modelling days till date, Arjun Rampal has always been the ultimate style icon of the country. And we absolutely adore him!