It’s going to be Messy! How to keep the dishevelled look?

Long gone are the polished, combed-back hair styles of 2013. Right now the focus is on ‘out of the bed’ look. You know the kind which screams ‘I don’t care about what you think, quite honestly.’ It’s the kind of hair that makes the women want to just run their fingers in. What better incentive than that to maintain a hairstyle like that for the rest of the year?


 An attitude to go with your messy looks is all that you need


The Fine Print:

When we talk about the dishevelled look, there is no way in hell we are promoting no shampooing of hair or unhygienic standards. In fact to achieve and maintain this look you need slightly more time than normal to show that you don’t care about your hair.


 Clean, sleek yet messy – the new age out-of-bed look


The Start:

This kind of hairstyle suits almost all face shapes. Your hairdresser has to keep the sides shorter (not shaved) and the top hair longer. If you have a rounder face then keep the sides a bit tapered. To achieve the nonchalant look, you will have to shampoo your hair regularly. When the hair is still damp, apply some volume increasing products or hair wax.

How to Set the Style:

Post applying the products, blow dry your hair at the lowest possible setting and lightly run your fingers through your hair. Once slightly dry, refrain from brushing or combing your hair and let the rest dry naturally. You don’t want to straighten your hair and spoil the look. Once completely dry, spray some hair spray (probably with some shine) on to your hair and head out that door!


 Maintenance is the key when it comes to the dishevelled look



Remember, this look should be maintained and trimmed nearly every 3-4 weeks. Having a dishevelled look does not mean you were sleeping on the floor and don’t know what a hair cut means. Once you have perfected the look, throw on those chinos with a casual shirt or go for that formal dinner in a bespoke suit.


 Take care not to go overboard with your attire


The look is completely versatile and can be taken from casual to formal, from day to night, by just setting your hair with your fingers. Combine this with a slight stubble and you are all set! This look tells the world that you are confident and know how to take care of yourself with a little bit of a casual attitude.