ISL’s 2014 – #Let’sFootball Cool hairstyles trends to watch out for!

The Hero India Super League is India’s very own answer to Cricket’s massive entertainment saga – the IPL. It is a one of its kind organized football championship. Top leaders and industry stalwarts like IMG-Reliance, Star India and All India Football Federation (AIFF) are supporting the league. The idea is to create a grooming platform for the young and the talented across pan India. This is a dynamic league that aims to elevate the Indian football scenario to an international level.

But the game doesn’t end here. While we’re busy cheering for our favourite teams we couldn’t help but notice the hot, hot players on the field who are doing more than just to score a goal or stop them when the need comes to be. These young men are sassy and stylish.

And we decided that you should definitely take a look at the hottest men on the field with hottest new hairstyles of the season.

Davide Colomba: Rocking the Mohawk:




Davide Colomba is young and happening. This chilled out footballer is known for his free kicks. And he knows his style. Check out his Top Head Mohawk. It’s perfect for the on-field and off-field both. Mohawks are one of the most sought-after hairstyles right now and we now why!

Alessandro Del Piero: Short Hair Stud:




He’s tall, broad and is a nightmare for all his opponents on the field. He doesn’t let go of any opportunity when it comes to scoring a goal. But what attracts us the most is his effortless style. Casual and chic, he rocks off-field as much as he does on field. His simple short hair cut is the game of the season. Easy to maintain this hairstyle this hairstyle for men is suited for almost all face types and personalities.

John Goossens: Acing the Bald Look:


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This season is all about the goal scorers. Check out John Goossens crew cut bald look. Women from all walks of life are swooning over it. There’s a huge misconception that the bald hairstyle is a turn off. One couldn’t be more wrong. Shahid Kapoor in ‘Haider’ went completely bald. And trust us when we say that he never looked better.

They’re bold and they’re super stylish. And when it comes to scoring goals on behalf of their teams they’re not backing down anytime soon.