How you can easily exfoliate your skin with raw materials available at home

While a can of beer is a better conversation starter, exfoliation is the next best. Exfoliation is a core feature of skin care, even for men. After a long day in the fuming heat when you get back home, you would love to wash your tiredness away with a glass of gin and tonic, however, an exfoliator is a much better choice. Gentlemen, it is time to get scrubbing and ditch the fancy products! Make your own easy exfoliator with the natural products or beg your sister to do so (she will be more than happy to take a portion for herself too!).

How you can easily exfoliate your skin with raw mate


1. Banana Scrub :

If you have dry and dead looking skin, try this mask and see results in just one go. Use a banana; add some honey or olive oil and ground up sugar. Apply it on your face and lightly massage it with your fingers. Let the mask stay for 5 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. The banana will add luster to your skin, honey will make it glow and sugar crystals will help get rid of all the dead skin. This one is a real winner in summers!

Banana Scrub

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2. Lemon and Sugar :

This one is for all the lazy men out there! Lemon and sugar are two of the most common and easily available ingredients found in any kitchen. While you squeeze some of it into your rum and coke after a long day, don’t throw the rest. Just add some sugar on the lemon slice and gently rub it on your face and neck. You can use this to scrub your hands and feet too. Don’t scrub too hard on your face as the acidity from the lemon may cause redness for those with sensitive skin. Lemon acts a de-tanning agent and gives you cleaner looking skin, sugar, on the other hand, gets rid of dead, dull skin. Overall these two easy materials combine to make a super exfoliator.

Lemon and Sugar

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3. Oats and Tomato :

Trying to eat healthy, well why not use the same products to look fresh too? Oats are not just healthy to eat but are also excellent exfoliators. Ground some oats and store it in your bathroom. The next time you decide you give your skin a little spa, slice a large tomato, dip it in oats and some sugar. Rub the coated tomato gently on your skin in circular motions and let it sit for a while. Oats soothe the skin and help get rid of dead skin, while tomatoes have natural bleaching agents that give a clean and fresh look.

Oats and Tomato

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Gone are the days when beauty treatments were reserved only for women. Men are equally conscious these day and love to care for their hair and skin. Getting married, had a heavy night or you would just like to have oil free, fresh looking skin? Try these easy natural exfoliators to detoxify your skin and save all the extra spa money!