How to stay fresh in summer

It’s often seen that men don’t realize how bad they smell on a sweltering summer day. So before that hot girl across your desk shifts to another table, try these things to stay fresh and clean in the heat.

How to stay fresh in summer


1. Shower every day, twice :

Sick of oily hair and greasy skin? Well obviously, men have way more sweat glands as compared to women, so they tend to sweat twice as much. It is important to shower once in the morning, with not just plain water but a good antibacterial perfumed shower gel. This keep body odor and slimy sweat bacteria at bay. For those extra sweaty men, don’t shy away from showering twice at day because at the end it’s all about feeling fresh and clean. Lastly, don’t forget to shampoo your hair because no one likes a man who looks right out of an oil commercial!

Shower every day, twice

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2. HE deodorant :

Using HE deodorants with activity protect technologies keep you feeling fresh and last all day. The additional benefit is the cooling effect it has when applied which is exactly what you need at 2 pm in the afternoon when you head out for a meeting in the local! This summer smell fantastic and feel Antarctic with HE deodorant.

HE deodorant

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3. Caffeine and Cigarettes :

The two harmful C’s that you must cut down on this summer. Both caffeine and cigarettes cause bad breath and increase bacteria in your mouth. Since you cannot brush and floss all day, increase your intake of water that will keep you hydrated and fresh through the day. Substitute caffeine with some lemon infused green tea that will help alkaline your mouth and aid in weight loss! Stay fresh and healthy this summer.

Caffeine and Cigarettes

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4. Choose your clothes wisely :

Summers are a tricky season when it comes to picking colors and fabrics. It is all about sticky hot afternoons and humid evenings. Pick fabrics that are lightweight and breathe, like cotton and linen over fabrics like rayon and silk in summers. Try to keep your clothes loose and airy so that they don’t cling to your body and increase sweating. Lastly, pick colors wisely because if you think you look like a hunk in that all black attire you might also have Niagara falls gushing out of you from everywhere! Pick light colors that are soothing to the eye and comfortable to get you through the day.

Choose your clothes wisely

Follow these tips and you’ll have an easy breezy summer.