How To Retain The Moisture Of Your Skin

Winter is coming and your skin needs that extra care to surf you through the dryness. Chapped lips, itching, flaking and cracking of the skin are bound to happen if you don’t incorporate certain habits in your lifestyle. Along with the loss of moisture, the skin loses its glow making you look pale and dull. These tips will help you know what works best for your skin in the chilly winters.




1. Oils:

Replacing the creams, natural oils like jojoba, almond and grapeseed oils are very effective. Just a drop of it massaged into the skin at night or after your shower works like magic. If you’re fond of fragrance, you can go for the essential oils with vanilla essence.



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2. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is the magic plant for being the best natural remedy for various health problems. Not everything good is expensive. Grow Aloe-vera at home and use a refrigerated leaf of it every morning to awaken your skin. The skin feels amazingly fresh and it retains the moisture of your skin throughout the day without causing any kind of side-effects.



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3. Shea Butter:

This African gift works wonders for your skin and you will know that the moment you touch it. Shea butter is being incorporated as an ingredient in body washed and creams all around the world. It’s pleasant fragrance makes it a more popular product than other moisturizers.



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4. Watch your mouth, literally:

Your skin reacts to everything you eat: positively and negatively. So, it’s very important that you watch your mouth while munching on packaged chips. Salt is just a no-no when you’re trying to retain the moisture of your skin. A lot of caffeine is equally harmful. Sources of Vitamin C are helpful for a softer skin and of course: Water! Drinking eight ounces of water a day is your first stepping stone for the winter glow!




These easy-to-do tips will definitely bring a change to your winter skin. Don’t let dryness live on your skin by retaining the moisture and achieving a shine that seems impossible in winters.