How To Pull Off The Hair Band Look

Thanks to popular culture, a lot of men these days are sporting long hair. However, unlike women, there is a dearth of hair looks and styles that men with long hair can try. One safe and stylish option for men to who sport long hair is the hair band look. But men don’t know much about hair bands and are often hesitant about trying it out. We tried to solve this problem by telling you the basics of styling your hair using the hair band.




1. What Is The Ideal Hair Length:

There is no specific when you can start wearing hair band. Perhaps when they start going beyond your neck is the right time to wear them first. Wearing them on shorter hair is futile, unless you are wearing it to avoid sweating during summers.



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2. When Can You Wear Hair Bands:

There is no one particular occasion only when you can wear hand bands. They can be worn on different occasions and at different places, from purposes ranging avoiding sweating to looking stylish. You can wear them while working out, playing sports, protecting from sun, pulling back sweat, etc. You can even wear them to hide your grey strands. And contrary to popular belief, you can wear them to up your style quotient.



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3. Which Hair Band To Pick:

Hair bands of different styles are available in the market. You can pick any one, depending on the length and volume of your hair and the occasion you are wearing it for. A simple black band- whether broad or narrow- of either plastic or cloth can be worn when you are working out or playing a sport. A simple, narrow, black coloured hair band would look good when you are dressing formally. However, when you are dressing casually, you can pick a broad cloth hair band of a good colour, and colour coordinate it with your entire outfit.



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Men are getting more and more experimenting with fashion. What was considered unconventional earlier is becoming mainstream these days. Long hair and male hair bands are among those trends which are becoming quite popular these days. And as many Bollywood actors have shown us often, men can totally rock the hair band look.