How to maintain your fragrance in humid weather?

Fragrance preference differs from one individual to another. However, the matter of concern is that one’s favourite fragrance may not necessarily last for a longer period of time. One of the primary reasons for the lack of longevity is the animosity between humid weather and body odour. Certain factors have to be kept in mind to smell good despite the hot and humid weather.



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1. Go for concentrated perfumes

Making the right choice between eau de toilette and eau de perfume is difficult. The latter, although slightly expensive, is more long lasting in comparison. The price of perfumes usually depends upon the strength of the perfume oils used to create them. The least diluted ones are more expensive as they have high staying power. Hence, one should be not be stingy while buying them and select from the best deo for men in India.Some grooming products can help a lot in preventing bad odour.



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2. Carry a perfume

One must carry a perfume or a spray at all times. Doing this ensures that one smells good at the right place at the right time and fragrance remains intact. It creates an everlasting impression on one’s surroundings.



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3. Moisturize well

One of the best waysfor long lasting fragrance during humid weather is to pamper your body with moisturizer of a nice fragrance. One can also apply perfume over it for bonus fragrance. Application of body lotions from among the best lotion for men is another excellent way of smelling good.




4. Go for light coloured cotton clothes

We all know that dark coloured clothes are good absorbers of heat whereas light coloured clothes are good reflectors. So it’s preferable to wear light shades and select from men’s summer fashion , when the weather is hot and humid. Once the heat transmitted in the body comes in contact with body odour, it results in sweating and bad body odour.




Well, one has to be aware of the best possible ways of protecting oneself from heat and bad body odour. Odour is an essential part of one’s personality. One should never compromise on smelling good. There are many grooming essentials which can help prevent bad body odour.