How to grow a manly beard

In order to grow a manly beard a few things have to be kept in mind




1. Commit:

the key to a successful beard-growing effort is commitment. Just make a decision to grow a beard and stick with it. Do not be swayed by naysayers or lapses in your own confidence. Do not let a transient period of itching send you running for the razor. Just make a commitment to grow the beard and stick with it.



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2. Oil:

As your beard grows into a real beard, you will need to learn how to care for your beard. Oiling it is a basic move. Coconut oil which you use for the hair on your head can be used for your beard too.



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3. Trim:

Many guys take charge of their own beard maintenance, not trusting the care of their beards to anyone else. It can be tough these days to find a barber who really knows his stuff when it comes to beard trimming. If you cannot find a barber who is sufficiently trustworthy to trim your beard, buy a beard trimmer and learn to use it.



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4. Itch relief:

After being accustomed to shaving for so long, the growth of a beard presents your skin with a new environment. Sometimes it causes a period of itchiness. Do not give up because of this. Keep growing, knowing that the itchiness should pass as your skin gets used to the presence of your beard.




5. Maintenance:

while all these may seem easy to do for two weeks in the beginning, you need to continuously maintain your beard in order for it to grow well.



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Growing a beard is an adventure that can be a surprising process of self-discovery. And it certainly is a manly thing to do. It’s even manlier to grow a beard and keep it.