Don’t Hide Behind Your Baldness!

What seems to be inevitable and by and large socially acceptable for older men, poses itself as a challenge for their younger peers. Yes, we’re talking about the dreaded bald look.

There is no realistic way of avoiding baldness.

Look around. Middle-aged men with oily comb-overs, hippies with a bald top head and a ponytail in the back and guys with uncomfortably scratchy wigs. You know you deserve better and that’s why we’ve decided to prepare a style guide to help you embrace your baldness. 

1. Gauge The Loss:

If other people have started noticing your hair fall or if your hair looks too thin in the recent photos, then let us assure you, it is not a good thing.  One obvious way to figure out whether you’re going bald or not is to realize that the top of your head is getting more sunburn than your nose.  It is now time for you to measure the actual amount of damage.

2. The Fact Is That:

Although it is devastating but some of us start to lose our hair in our 20s and 30s. Taking a cue from mental health experts, here are the five steps to accept defeat and move on.


  • Rejection: Refusing to accept the way you have become.
  • Irritation: Self-loathing.
  • Negotiating: Trying to make up for the care you had not taken.
  • Dejection: The feeling of doom.
  • Approval: The world has not come to an end!

3. Don’t Hide:

The worst thing to do when you’re balding is to cover up. Who are you trying to fool? Do away with hair plugs. They’re expensive, painful and can leave a permanent scar on your scalp.



4. Go Clean Shaven:

Let’s do it already. You’ll be surprised to learn how many people actually dig the bald look. Be it your girlfriend or your colleagues. Seal the deal with lathering up shaving gel which is much smoother than a shaving cream. Take the razor and start shaving.



5. Maintainance Will Do The Trick:

Feel good about the money you’ll be saving on shampoos and haircuts. Wash your head (and body) with a moisturizing soap. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of atleast 20 to avoid sunburn.





Bald men are undeniably sexy, most women would agree.  Think of Shahid Kapoor in the recently released ‘Haider’. He never looked better!