How to get that celebrity like hair

A good hair day can make or break your appearance. Don’t we all want soft, shiny hair celebrity like hair? Well, you’ve got to work hard for that then. Your hair is your introduction to the world, so follow these simple steps for healthy and soft hair.

How to get that celebrity like hair

1. Dry your hair :

How do you think HrithikRoshan got those smooth goldilocks? We cannot stress the importance of drying your hair after a shower. Damp hair is more prone to breakage and gets entangled with your towel. Make it a point to always dry your hair and use a serum for soft, shiny hair.

Dry your hair

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2. Shampoo :

Are you a lazy weekend shampoo users? If yes, you have to stop there are begin regular shampooing. Men tend to sweat more, which means your hair gets enough dirt and sweat for a regular wash. Keep your hair clean and healthy if you want try that sexy Fawad look.


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3. Oiling :

If you thought oiling was just for women, you’re highly mistaken. Not only does oiling help in blood circulation of the scalp but also promotes hair growth. If you are in a lot of early balding, regular oiling is your saving grace! Most celebrities swear by the regular coconut or almond oil for shiny and strong hair, as regular use of serums and gels make their hair brittle and dry.


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4. Lifestyle :

Lastly, the most important factor is a healthy lifestyle. A balanced and healthy diet shows on your scalp and hair. Smoking, alcohol and various other intoxicants increase hair fall and cause early baldness in men. So if you want to experiment like Ranveer Singh, eat plenty of fruits and fill up on liquids for shiny, silky hair.


Your hair reflects your overall lifestyle, so if you choose a stress-free, healthy life you are bound to have good, shiny hair. Apply our easy tips for the glamorous celebrity manes!