How to get rid of that musty smell from your clothes

Been a victim of the mildew monster? You aren’t alone. All of us have gone through days of bearing that pathetic, musty smell that emanates from neglected woolens stashed in the cupboard all year long, only to be recalled during the winters. It’s their redemption time, after all! But who says that we don’t have a way to deal with it? Here’s a list of quick tricks that you can use to tame the wild monster.


How to get rid of that musty

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1. Is your washing machine the culprit?

You put your sexy fashion clothes in the washing machine with the hope that they will come out nice and fresh. But, do you ever check your washing machine? No, right! It collects moisture which probably is the reason for the stink. Wash the machine inside out with a percarbonate solution to ensure that it doesn’t lend your clothes that undesired smell.


Is your washing machine


2. Go easy on the detergent:

Whoever told you that adding extra detergent is the way out needs a reality check, NOW! Not only does is not help in evading the smell, it also ruins the fabric. Always remember to go easy on soap while washing your woolens.


Go easy on the detergent

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3. Reach for the pantry:

You need not go any further than your pantry to get rid of that musty smell. Add vinegar, borax or baking sodato your winter clothes while washing them to bid adieu to the musty smell.


Reach for the pantry


4. Let them dry out in Sun:

Yes, your grandma was right all along! You should have listened to her advice and let the clothes dry out in the sun. Nature is indeed the best cure for musty smelling woolens.


Let them dry out in Sun


5. Spray on HE Deo:

If you have no time for home remedies, just spray on some He Deo on those musty woolens andthe smell will vanish in no time. It will also turn you into an effortless babe magnet overnight.


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You are all set to beat the musty winter blues now, aren’t you? So layer up to your heart’s content without having to worry about the mildew monster.