How to get ready for a date in 10 minutes

Men should take time in making themselves more presentable when they are taking a woman on a date. They do not have to change the way they act completely but they do have to try to look respectable. Women take a long time to look good when they go out with a guy. They fix their hair, wear pretty clothes and carry themselves accordingly. So, it only seems respectable if the man does the same for her.

How to get ready for a date in 10 minutes

Here are a few tips to get ready on time in 10 minutes for a date and still look presentable.

1. Do you background check :

If you are going out with a stranger, at least know the kind of restaurant you plan on meeting her at and then dress appropriately for the ambiance. If it’s just a nearby café, then a basic casual outfit does the job whereas if it is a dinner date to a fancy restaurant, you have to dress in that fashion. It would not make sense if you turn up in a t-shirt to a fancy restaurant. Always do your research. Apps exist for the same.

Do you background check


2. Keep an extra shirt handy :

It is always better to be safe than sorry. There can be times that you spill something on yourself or you are extremely nervous and have managed to sweat a lo, in such cases If you are planning on going in a car then carrying an extra shift could always be useful and can prove to be a good thing.

Keep an extra shirt handy

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3. Make sure you groom regularly :

Getting your beard done and having a good haircut at all times are the signs of a man who has a hold over his life. Even if it is half an hour on Sundays, always try to be up to date with your salon appointments so as to avoid last minute shaving and possibilities of cuts. Also, if you have your beard and hair perfectly groomed it is only a matter of two minutes of combing it once before you leave the house.

Make sure you groom regularly

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4. Have an outfit ready :

If you are running late or are simply lazy, then instead of rummaging through our closet you can always have an outfit set in your mind which all you need to do is put on and leave.

Have an outfit ready

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5. Be organised :

There is nothing more important in time management than being organised. If you know where your favourite shoes are and where you left your keys and wallet, you will not be in a panic mode and neither will you be late for your date.

Be organised

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In the end, getting ready quick simply comes with creating a routine that works best for you and your time management. Once you ace that, you’re good to go.