How to avoid sweaty patches on your clothes this summer

We’re all human, so it is natural if you get those ugly yellow stains around your armpits in summer. Luckily, there are ways you can avoid those embarrassing patches as you say hello to the world.

How to avoid sweaty patches on your clothes this summer


1. Pick the right color :

Just because it looks nice on you, you cannot wear it on a bright summer day. It is important that you choose colors that don’t highlight sweaty patches. Colors like gray and blues will have you looking like you’re just out of the shower. Be safe and pick mid light to medium dark colors to hide those patches.

Pick the right color

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2. Befriend Cotton and Linens :

Fabrics that are lightweight and airy don’t stick to your skin and allow it to breathe. These should be your new best friends in summer. Cotton dries fast and does not retain those nasty drops, keeping you cool and patch free. Keep away from rayon and silk because they will make you look like a fool in the heat.

Befriend Cotton and Linens

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3. Vest and Underarm pads :

Most men wear vests, however many don’t think it’s cool enough. Well unlucky for you if you are in the latter lot because vests are saviors in the sweltering heat. They absorb the sweat that trickles from your body and prevents sweat patches on the top layer, which is your shirt. Get underarm pads from a local pharmacy to avoid pit stains because now there is a solution for almost anything!

Vest and Underarm pads


4. Antiperspirant :

Grab a decent antiperspirant and use it, not hoard in your backpack. Use it after a shower on dry pits for best results. They work in two ways, first by blocking sweat glands for a while so they cannot produce any sweat, second, the perfume helps fight body odor making you feel cool and comfortable. You can check out the deos from the He range.


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Since now you know the little tips and tricks of hiding sweaty patches, live care freely and flaunt your style with ease. Shower daily, maintain basic hygiene and wash your garments daily in summer. Either you follow these or embrace your sweaty stains with pride.