How Often Should You Switch Your Fragrance

Wearing perfume or cologne is super important, especially in the summer heat. Not only does it mask the smell if you happen to sweat a bit, but it also increases your attractiveness quotient a lot. It’s also important to switch up smells. You can buy the best deo for men in India but you should still switch it up sometimes.




1. Seasonal:

Changing your fragrance seasonally is a good idea. You change your fashion and style too and keep up with the latest trends, so it’s the same thing with fragrances. In the summer, scents smell for longer so you should go for milder perfumes and vice versa in the winter.Also, some perfumes smell like a particular season like a fruity spring or a woody winter.



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2. Time of Day:

Depending on the time of the day you should switch up your fragrance. You wouldn’t want to wear a heavy, musky perfume right in the morning, you would probably prefer to wear that sort of a scent in the evening or at night so keep the time of day in mind before you reach for the perfume.



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3. Occasion:

The occasion is of prime importance when selecting a fragrance. You wouldn’t want to smell the same way in an office meeting as opposed to on a hot date. Go for a milder scent for official purposes and a deeper muskier one for your party nights or dinner dates to go with your classic fashion.



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4. Variety:

Now if you’re the sort of person who has a signature scent that everyone recognizes and you want to keep it that way, we’ll give you a good reason to switch it up. A lot of people become immune to how good you smell because you have smelt the same way for years. Changing it up will definitely make people notice.



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It’s not important to have 10 different bottles of fragrances, just pick 3-4 smart ones, which will go for different season or occasions. It’s difficult to stick to one perfume as there is barely a chance that it can be suitable throughout the year.