Here’s One Product for All Your Beard Problems

A product that will double as a cleanser, stylistand a helping hand for sharpening your beard and overall experience is a beard trimmer through and through.There are multiple uses that are associated with the trimmer of your choice. You should keep this in mind before making a final decision of which one you want to buy to bring back the macho personality in you.

1. Protection Against Irritation :

At times your 5’o clock shadow can be super irritatingespecially when you have been sweating or working out. To avoid that or protect your desire to keep itching your beard, use a beard trimmer to trim the long hair short. If you do so, your sweat will not be stuck in between the follicles of your beard while working out. Also, the lesser the hair count, the better you’ll feel the next time you hit the gym or sprint around the corner.

Source: thebeardking
Source: thebeardking


2. Removes Chances Of Getting Flaky Skin :

The longer and thicker bearded people might have more chances of having flaky skin. These flakes often form due to humidity, sweat, roughness or an unbalanced grooming regime. Tryto trim your beard hair whenever you feelthe skin beneath it is getting too flakyand something needs to be done about it.Therefore, a beard trimmer is handy because you can use it at any time of the day.

We would say, a trimmer, if not the only solution, is the next best immediate alternative at hand when you are planning to go on a date or a party night and have nothing else at home to solve this issue.


3. Can Trim On-Time & Deal with Bacteria :

Bacteria can lead to skin and fungal infection under your beard if proper treatment is not taken on time. Make it a habit tokeep trimming the beard with discipline. For example,trimming every 3-4 weeks will be fine if you often indulge in intensive workout sessions or sweat a lot.

There are other remedies available in the market to deal with bacteria, but a trimmer will not let the bacteria grow in the first place. You need to trim the beard from time to time to keep the bacteria from forming. One of the ways could be that after every heavy session, you can trim the split ends or the rough hair which have collected too much sweat.

Source: Isner Mile
Source: Isner Mile


4. Reduced Probability Of Getting Cut :

Either electrical or manual beard trimmers are proven to be reducing the probability of the cuts which the razor causes more. The trimmer blades are more flexible and manufactured in such a way to focus on the follicles and hairline better than any other product in the market.

Therefore, you will be less worried about bloodshed in the bathroom and focus more on styling your beard in par with the latest trend and style.


5. Pretty Fast & Easy To Use :

Another main advantage of using a beard trimmer is that the convenience rendered because of it. Within seconds or minutes, you can trim a thick beard that has been growing on your jawline. If you late or don’t have time at hand to use other products to style or groom, a beard trimmer does the job for you.


Thus trimmers prove to be the one product every man needs. A man’s true best friend, perhaps.