Health Benefits Of Having A Beard

Many men like to sport a beard because of the added masculine factor. Lots of ladies often get impressed by the rugged charm a beard brings to the face. Moreover, not shaving regularly also saves the person from the usual morning routine.




Even though reasons to keep a beard might be purely out of personal choice, studies have revealed that doing so is actually good for the health:


1. Acts As A Natural Moisturizer:

No matter how good the grooming products are, constant shaving can render your skin dry and lifeless. This is because the face has sebaceous glands that secrete natural oils. Your daily shaving sessions can actually erode those glands for worse.



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2. Wards Off Throat Diseases:

Facial hair keeps the airborne bacteria away from the mouth. This is the reason why there are lesser chances of you contracting throat-related illnesses such as common cold and mono. Next time you want to grow a beard, do it! There is nothing worse than a sore throat.




3. Protects From UV Rays:

Anything that protects from the harsh rays of the sun is good, right? Absolutely! Since the facial hairs act as a filter, UV rays don’t reach the surface of the skin which means it remains protected from diseases such as skin cancer.



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4. Reduces Asthma & Allergy:

Are you allergic to dust or pollen? Do you get asthmatic attacks? Well, if the answer is a “yes” to any of these questions, then it is best you sport a beard because the facial hair works as a shield that prevents the allergens from settling on the skin.




5. Keeps Other Infections At Bay:

Minor health-related problems such as cold sores and acne flare-ups usually don’t happen to someone with a beard. Here, the facial hairs prevent dust and germs from entering not only the mouth but also the lungs.



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6. Keeps You Warm:

The facial hairs on the skin act as an insulator. If you are always on the move for professional reasons or live in a city with extreme climatic conditions, then grow a beard to always keep yourself warm and protected.




So go ahead. Put down the razor. Let your facial hair grow and not only make your skin smoother and free of blemishes but also give you a younger look. Oh, don’t forget the fact that beards protect you from hoards of ailments too!So, use the best of grooming products to take care of that beard. You deserve it!