He On The Go: Make a splash, without a drop!

Todays active man is always On The Go; he needs something that is both convenient and effective. Waterless cleaning is a real thing and it does not involve a caveman routine where you do not wash your face at all! HE on the go waterless face wash is a pretty impressive innovation that is practical, portable and power packed. Exciting as it sounds, this waterless face wash has been created keeping in mind the on-the-go tired Indian man who travels from Churchgate to Andheri and needs something that helps him keep his face clean and fresh.

He On The Go Make a splash, without a drop!

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1. How to use HE On The Go :

Just take a small dollop of the waterless face wash on your palm and apply it to your face, wipe it off with a tissue or your handkerchief for a clean fresh looking face. Travelling is an integral and inevitable part of our lives, so whether its work, a date or even for a selfie, clean up with the HE Waterless Face wash and get an on the go Freshfie!

How to use HE On The Go

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2. Why use He On The Go :

You leave home looking like Hrithik Roshan, but only when you reach your destination do you realize what the pollution and heat did to your face. It’s power packed performance gives you a cool and fresh sensation that helps you beat the heat like a pro. Without the hassle of finding a washroom or even water, in that case, the waterless feature makes this face wash a clean winner this summer.

Why use He On The Go

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3. Perfect to carry along anywhere :

Imagine how you would look with a bulky face wash protruding from your pocket all the time! The Waterless Face wash comes in portable pocket size packages that make it easy to carry around with you anytime, anywhere. A safe, small product this face wash is a revolutionary product for all the sweaty men who need to realize how important facial hygiene and cleanliness is.

Perfect to carry along anywhere


4. One of its kind :

The best part about the HE on the go Waterless Face wash is that it is not just another competition in the market, but a completely new product in an untapped market! Looking fresh just got real simple and now you know why. It is a product that you don’t know you need before you actually try it.

One of its kind

Get it for yourself and also for that friend who is always sweaty, and have a clean fresh face anytime, anywhere you go.