Hairstyles to try in summer 2017

2016 was a year of constant experimentation and never have we seen so much diversity in men’s hairstyles. The days of running with the same old haircuts for years are long gone. While there are plenty of ways to care for your hair in summer, the best solution is to switch up your style. Don’t bother yourself beating over it, simply put on some trousers, switch off Netflix, and get yourself a brand new hairstyle this summer!

Hairstyles to try in summer 2017

1. Classic Buzz Cut :

A no-nonsense and incredibly easy style to maintain, the Classic Buzz is a real summer winner. Apart from keeping you cool in warmer seasons, this look helps you save a fortune on products! You hardly need to do anything once your barber’s finished.

Classic Buzz Cut

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2. Side Swept :

Keep it clean and classy with modern side sweep-twist. It is impossible to go wrong with this hairstyle! You can keep 4 inches on the top for the soft quiff on top and taper the back and sides to a 2 or 1 inch for a buzz look. Finish this perfect summer hairstyleby sweeping the strands to one side for a top-notch look.

Side Swept

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3. Messy Spikes :

Sometimes an artistic touch is all you need to create that stylish look. Thanks to Zayn Malik, spikes and messy hairdos are making a comeback this season. Keep the top hair long and slap on some hair gel for those spikes, trim the sides to 1 for an almost bare look. They give a cool hipster look for the season.

Messy Spikes

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4. Sheer Comb Over with Parting :

For all you men with thinning hair, this hairstyle will help you cover up like a pro! The innovative styling makes the thin strands hard to notice, as you comb them to a soft side part. Use some water based hair product that will add volume to your hairand keep it in place.

Sheer Comb Over with Parting

A classic men’s hairstyle requires steady hands and a great barber if you’ve found the two be sure to rock the heat in style with our top picks of 2017!