Hairstyles That Suit Your Face Cut

Change is inevitable and so are changing hairstyles. But, change can prove to be a difficult task; reinventing or experimenting with yourself doesn’t come easy, especially if you are experimenting with your hair.

A haircut can change the way people perceive you and transform your look completely. However, the haircut needs to suit your face and personality. Most men will have to take into the consideration their face cut as its not one size fit all situation. A square face cut is the most derivable one as it has a strong jawline and very masculine feeling to it.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed down all the face cuts and what hairstyle that will suit your face.


Triangular face shape

Someone with a triangular face has wide cheekbones and narrow forehead along with a pointed chin.




Men with this face structure can opt for longer hairstyles with a lot of layers in order to add volume to the top of the head. Sporting a fringe can help soften the wide jawline and the narrow forehead. Also, always try to choose a hairstyle that complement the narrow forehead and create the appearance of a wider chin. All you boys that have this face structure can take inspiration from Justin Timerblake’s hairstyle for his song Suit and Tie or even Ryan Gosling’s Gangster squad hairstyle as both actors have triangular aces.

Square face shape

A strong jawline creates the appearance of chiselled and more angular jawline.




This face structure can accommodate many hairstyles, but having softer cut around the edges can be beneficial.  Keeping that in mind, a tight, shorter haircut looks fab and boosts your facial features. The popular undercut that Brad Pitt sported in Fury, suits this face well.

Diamond face shape

Men with this face structure have high cheek bones and narrow chins and foreheads.




Opting for a haircut with a slicked side fringe along with a leaner and slightly lengthy hair and adding some volume to the crown is a good way complement your face structure.

Make sure that the haircut is softer on the edges. Otherwise, a sharper cut will make your ear’s stick out. Create a more wavy feeling to your hair rather than keeping it straight as the wavy feeling will soften your features.

Heart face shape

Wide cheekbones and a wider face along with a pointed chin are the features of this face structure.




Keep the hair longer and choose a square cut will offset the features of the face. A just out of bed or a messy look will take away attention from the wide cheekbones and forehead. Keeping a certain amount of hair also helps.




Oblong face shape

The oblong face is longer than wider, and the cheekbones and the jaw are the same widths.




Don’t keep the sides short and give your hair some length as it will cut the length of the face. Styling your hair onto your face will also cut the length.  Style your hair in modern greaser or anuber cool quiff.

Oval face shape

An oval shape is quite the coveted face structure. This face structure has no prominent features and looks like an egg.




Boys who have this haircut can experiment with most haircuts as the structure is well rounded and doesn’t have any features that stick out. But, make sure to avoid a longish fringe as it can make your face look rounder.

Round face shape

You can put a compass and draw a perfect a circle on your face.




Adding volume to your hair along with having a haircut with a little height will keep your face from looking round. Fringes are good to accentuate your features, but, avoid having sharp fringes. Keeping an off-enter parting or keeping a slightly wavy hairstyle will help reduce the roundness of your face.