Hair Wax v/s Hair Gel

The world of men’s fashion is at its peak and there is no dearth of options for anything that men want to try with their styling; be it trying new hairdos for every occasion. The variety of hair styling products available in the market has made it easier for men to experiment with their hairstyles. Hair wax and hair gel are two such products which let you do a lot with your hair. But one question that always remains is which one of the two? Here we try to answer that for you.



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1. How To Tell The Two Apart:

It’s never too difficult to tell wax and gel from each other. Wax looks like much like your candle wax and gel like any other gel product. Wax is more firm while gel is squishy. You can call the state of wax semi-solid while the state of gel is semi-liquid. Wax will feel more sticky on your hands while gel won’t stick that much.




2. How To Apply Each Of Them:

The first rule of application is that gel is always applied on damp hair while wax is applied on dry hair. To apply gel on your hair, take a dab of it on your fingers and rub, then apply on your hair and give it the desired shape. To apply wax on your hair, take a dab of it on your palm, rub, and then apply and style as desired.



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3. When To Apply Hair Wax:

Wax is good for normal to oily hair. It is a better option for men with short to medium length hair. It holds your hair back firmly and gives many options to try variations with your hairstyle. It accentuates your hairstyle. It is good for dynamic and loose hairstyles. However, one downside with wax is that it doesn’t stay for long. However, it can be reapplied and hair can be restyled easily.




4. When To Apply Hair Gel:

Gel is good for dry to normal hair as it gives you a wet shiny look. It works best on short and thick hair. It lets you have a variety of hairstyles- flat, spiky, slicked back, or stationary. Since, its consistency is not as sticky or heavy as wax, it is suitable for quick and on-the-go hair styling. However, while using gel, the styling can break sometimes and you may end up with flaky residue. This can be prevented by not touching the hair once you have applied the gel.



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Styling your hair using hair wax or gel is easy. You just need to know what to use when and on which hairstyle. Once you start using and experimenting, you will learn quickly, and then you won’t face much trouble getting that perfect hairstyle.