Hair Transplant! Should You Go For It?

Getting a hair transplant is pretty common nowadays. Whether it is due to genetic or physiological reasons—not everyone is blessed with thick, shiny hair, that do not fall! Also, irrespective of gender or status—everyone seems to feel a natural aversion towards sporting the bald look.




Thanks to advancement in health technology, it is now possible to literally plant hair follicles on the scalp. So yes, hair transplant looks like an appealing option, but is it the right thing to do? Let’s have a look:


1. PRO-Long Term Results:

Hair transplant surgery will fetch you long term results. Unlike those hair medication options, you don’t have to keep on going under the knife to maintain a healthy mane. This process is divided into segments and once it’s complete you don’t have to worry about losing hair!



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2. PRO-Hair Growth Is Ensured:

The transplanted hair will also grow with your own hair, thereby giving you the feel of naturally growing hair! This aspect instantly brings down the “fake quotient” of the entire surgery.




3. PRO-It’s Cost Effective:

Contrary to popular belief, getting a hair transplant from the best of the best clinics is quite budget-friendly. When the process is advertised as safe, long-lasting and economical, it is the truth!



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4. CON-Ill Effects On Scalp:

Since the surgery revolves around the scalp (obviously), it is given that this part of the head will be affected in a number of ways. Swelling, prolonged itching and numbness of the scalp are some of the problems endured by patients post-surgery.




5. CON-Scarring:

Also known as stretch-back scars, this happens in response to the fact that a part of scalp is reduced during the surgery. It is basically a side effect of fiddling with the scalpand this affects a large number of hair transplant patients.



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6. CON-Unnatural Look:

In certain cases, the transplanted hair may also appear to look unnatural on patients. This is something neither the doctors nor the patients can foresee!




Whether or not you wish to go for a hair transplant is your decision. Despite its advantages, you must do a proper research, consult a couple of doctors and budget your expenses wisely. After all, it’s the matter of your hair!