Hair Mistakes That You Must Stop Committing Right Now

You might think you are doing everything right for your hair. From oiling it properly & using the best hair grooming products to eating hair-friendly foods—you follow a strict regime to maintain a healthy mane (or so you think).But if you are still not getting the desired results, then you are definitely falling behind somewhere.




Let us take a look at five hair mistakes you unknowingly make and how you can rectify them like a champ:


1. Washing Hair Everyday:

If you do, then you are being harsh to your hair. We agree that your hairs dry up easily but this is still not a good reason to take a head-bath daily! That is because excess shampoo can make your hair greasy quickly. Also these days, the water is harsh and can damage your hair. It’s best to wash hair once in every 2-3 days.



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2. Rinsing Hair with Hot Water:

Do you like washing your hair with boiling water? If yes, then you must stop right away! Hot water opens all pores of your hair, thereby weakening the roots. It also dries out the scalp. If you want to maximise the effect of shampoo & conditioner, then rinse hair with lukewarm water.




3. Applying Shampoo in Excess:

It’s a myth that if a shampoo doesn’t produce much lather, it’s bad. However, such is not the case. Too much lather actually prevents shampoo from cleansing hair from the roots. Hence, use your shampoo in a limited quantity.



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4. Not Using A Conditioner:

While your scalp will regain its natural oils after a head bath, your hair ends end up getting drier. This is the reason why you must use a hair conditioner. Once you are done washing your hair with a shampoo, don’t forget to apply a conditioner.



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5. Dying the Hair Wrong:

Regardless of the reason you dye/colour your hair—you must keep in mind a couple of things. First, the dye should be froma reputed cosmetic company. Secondly, check the expiry date of the product before making the purchase. Lastly, analyze the ingredients and composition of the dye. “No-ammonia” dyes are the best.




Hair can make or break your entire look. This is the reason why you must take extra care of your mane. Use the best grooming products. Don’t overdo your regime. Maintain a healthy diet. Oh and ladies dig guys with good-looking hair, so the effort’s definitely worth it!