Hair Maintenance Tips For Winter

Winters can give your hair a tough time. The chilly weather can make your hair frizzy, messy or oily. You hate it because no matter what you do, you are unable to maintain that perfect hairstyle during the chill. On top of it, you are lazy to even oil or wash your hair!




Winters also mean one more thing-dandruff-which ultimately makes the hair look extremely dull. So what steps can you take to ensure your hairs glow and shine under the winter sun? Have a look at a few tips to maintain hair like a pro this season:


1. Don’t Wash Your Hair That Frequently:

Yup. If you hate washing your hair, you are lucky! Shampooing too much can devoid your hairs off all the essentials oils and leave them lifeless and dry. In addition to this, hot water weakens the hair by opening up the pores. So the less you take a head wash, the better it is!



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2. Use Less Amount Of Shampoo:

First of all, be wise in choosing the right kind of shampoo for your hair. But no matter how mild the grooming product is, any kind of chemical is going to affect the hair sooner or later. Therefore, don’t apply dollops of shampoo on your scalp. Use a little.



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3. Don’t Wrap Your Scalp Immediately After A Shower:

As soon as you are done washing your hair, what do you do? Wrap your scalp with a towel! This is a big mistake that most people make. Why? Because this weakens the roots of the hairs and increase hair fall! Yes, winters can be brutal!




4. Oil Your Hair Regularly:

You must oil your hair properly. Do it at least once in three days, if not more. Oiling (with either coconut oil or olive oil) will nourish and strengthen your hair which, in turn, will reduce hair fall and keep your hair healthy—no matter how extreme the weather is!




5. Use A Mild Conditioner Or Gel:

Winters means static hair and that is supremely annoying. You can’t maintain a proper hairstyle and you never know when your hair will act against you. To curb this problem, make sure you use a mild conditioner while shampooing your hairs. You can even choose a hair gel. Such grooming products will keep your hair slightly moisturised and under control.



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So yes, winters can have harsh effects to your hair. The key to taking care of your hair is to not only use proper products but also follow the right diet for men. Follow the steps above and you will easily get healthy and smooth hair that is free from the ill-effects of winter.