Hair Icon: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, the name says it all. He is hot, dapper, oh-so-delicious and most of all he has those enviable spewing tresses that can melt anyone.  The 50-year-old actor has never shied from experimenting with his hair.  He changed from long hippie locks to a soul patch on his wedding day. But lately he has been carrying off the undercut with much of his sexiness, which is his look for the movie ‘Fury.




In his widespread career, Brad Pitt has been helping all the boys out there to embrace their inner sexy versions.  With on how to pick safes to trekking the mountains of Tibet along with picking those uber cool jackets and the many hairstyles he has experimented with, over the years ever since he made his debut on screen. Even though he has given us such valuable tips, emulating his style is quite the challenge that we will be able to complete.


This time Mr. Pitt has given the ‘undercut’, an inspiration from the WWI -era to ponder over.
Rocking this look, has a lot to do with how your face is cut. For this one, you need Brad’s chiselled jawline and a square shape. Don’t know what that means, don’t worry. Take a magazine cut out and take it to your barber, you can find a suitable variation that looks good on you. But Brad’s square face is still better. If can’t get Brad’s look, you can always pretend to call the I-just–didn’t-get-a-haircut look if you give it a little more length all over.

So, here’s how you can explain the look to your barber.




The Cut:

Keep at least two inches of hair near the crown, so you can style it when required.  The sides need to be trimmed down with a blade not a regular trimmer or buzzer while the back of the head shouldn’t be sharp as the sides.  Even if the sides grow back, don’t run t your barber to keep the length. Even the slight grown back looks good too.




How to style it:

There are two ways you can do this. For those who curly, unruly locks using a super strong gel will do the trick. Apply this to wet hair and brush it back in place and then it air dry. If you don’t want the hard hair, use a modified wax on semi-wet hair.

The next time you visit the barbers don’t forget to give style a shot. You will be embracing one of the many looks of Brad Pitt.