Hair Gel – The Natural Way

Want that perfect look but are wary about using hair gel products due to too many chemicals? On the other hand, these products do promote the well-groomed and dapper look. However, are these products the only answer to your hair problems and bad hair days? Have you given a thought to natural alternatives to tame those stray tresses giving you nightmares? It’s time to give nature’s way a chance. Move away from the old used and abused ways and try something new. Include Lavender, Chamomile, horsetail and rosemary into your hair care regime to get that perfect look.

Taming unruly hair is a daunting and onerous task for most men. So, many resort to gels to take care of their hair woes. While they are great styling products, they may not be great news for your hair in the long run.




Why Go Natural?

Hair gels contain alcohol and chemicals that can make your scalp dry and dehydrated. To add to your woes, your hair may become lacklustre, unmanageable, dry and rough. These styling gels can also make your hair prone to breakage and fall, which can eventually lead to baldness. Dehydration and undernourishment can result in itchiness and flakiness of the scalp which gives rise to dandruff. Reduced production of sebum, which prevents hair from drying out, clogged hair follicles, and weakened roots, will make your hair unhealthy and lifeless. These hair gels can also cause split ends and premature greying of hair.




A great and natural substitute to hair gel is Aloe Vera. Whether you have curly hair or spikes, you could apply Aloe Vera to get the stylish gelled hair look.

Men are daring to experiment with their mane these days. They don’t shy away from using products which allow them to explore the coolest hairstyles in town. That’s great news. But, don’t end up sacrificing your natural growth just for the sake of style.