Hair Care Advice For The Monsoon Season

Monsoon is a season that wrecks havoc to the hair, and you end up experiencing its unwanted side effects in the form of excessive hair fall, dandruff, fungal infection n the scalp, excessive grimy feeling in the scalp, and lots more! If you are experiencing some of these side effects and cannot understand what to do, follow the tips shared below.




1. Oiling The Hair:

Oiling repairs the texture of hair, replenishes the scalp with adequate moisture and forms a protective shield over the manes that make it immune against damages done by dissolved impurities present in the monsoon water. In addition, natural hydration provided by oil also prevents hair fall during the monsoons. But always avoid sticky and thick oil during this season because it would tend to clog the pores and lead to the formation of painful breakouts all over the scalp. Your choice of hair oil for monsoons should be something that is light and non-sticky.



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2. Regular Cleaning:

The first important advice for preventing hair related problems during the monsoons is to go for regular cleaning of the scalp and the hair. This regime should be followed at least on every alternate day for preventing hair from getting grimy and sticky.


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3. Apply Hair Mask:

It is often said that the men are so careless that they do not feel like doing anything to control their frizzy hair. This is not true because most men do not know how to control frizz. Regular application of hair mask as per their hair type can work wonders for them. Using hair mask at least once a week is essential in order to maintain the natural hydration of hair and prevent frizz.



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4. Maintain Dry Scalp:

Keep the scalp dry as much as possible in order to prevent the growth of fungal infections during the monsoons. As wet hair tends to fall more, so maintaining a dry scalp also proves essential in arresting excessive hair fall. Hence, every time you damp your hair or it gets drenched in the rains, ensure that you pat it dry with a soft towel. Follow this with blow drying the hair so that the scalp becomes totally dry.



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It is said that a major part of your aesthetic appeal depends upon your hair. Thus, if your hair lacks health, becomes dry and frizzy then it casts a negative spell on your looks. So, it is high time you take this monsoon hair care regime with seriousness before it is too late.