Gym Guy’s Grooming Guide

The thing that most people tend to forget while going to the gym, is that though exercising is a personal goal, the gymnasium is a public place where the space, equipment and ambience are shared by all the members. Even if you are like the majority of people who schedule taking a shower after they come home from the gym, it is advisable to at least freshen up and brush your teeth before working out.

There is nothing more repulsive than the sight of a man walking into the gym, sporting unkempt hair, gritty sticky eyes and smelling like a skunk. This is where personal grooming comes into the picture. Here’s a checklist to keep you on track before you go to the gym.




1. Gym Bag:

Apart from essential equipment, stuff your gym bag with items that will enhance the way you conduct yourself in the gym. For instance, a water bottle will come in handy and save you the trouble of running to the water dispenser in between breaks. Disposable towelettesor freshly washed hand towels are perhaps the most undervalued, yet most essential item in a gym bag. You can use them to wipe sweat beads off your forehead and hands clean, thus eliminating the need to head to the washroom every time you have a couple of minutes to spare. It’s also a healthy habit to wipe your hands before touching different equipment and shaking hands with gym buddies.




2. Body Odour:

Sure, you smelled like musk and wood when you left for the gym, but half an hour of pumping iron later, it will be a different story. Do a favour on your friends and carry a pocket sized deodorant or perfume and spray a little on your way out of the gym.




3. For The Face:

That you have to carry a face wash to freshen up after you’re done at the gym is a given, but we’ll spell it out anyway. In addition to a face wash, you could also carry a pack of oil absorbing face pads to dab on the T-zone in between your exercise regimen.




4. Slippers:

Allow your shoes and feet to breathe. Keep your gym shoes out in the open (a sunny terrace or just stacked up beside you while you pack up) at the end of your work out session, before banishing them into the gym locker. This will help prevent bad odour and fungus accumulation. All you have to do is change into a fresh pair of flip flops on your way out.