Men’s Grooming Day

Earlier, it was an acceptable practice for a man to leave the house looking as if he just rolled out of bed but in today’s world, men are expected to present themselves with clean style and confidence, in the present era of both business and pleasure.

Every man has a different personality trait and HE grooms himself differently.

This Men’s Grooming Day we showcase how men of different personality traits dress up. Which one are you?

1. The Confident One:

A confident man is self-assured and optimistic and carries himself with Suave. He is certain about his look and is not afraid to make bold fashion choices. He sports a very professional beard style which gives his face a strong character.



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2. The Extrovert:

An Extrovert man knows how to get things done his way by being out there. He is social, practical, active, informal and a good conversationalist! He is outgoing and usually has a stubble on his face.


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3. The Magician:

A Magician is a ladies man. He tackles his problems rather than avoiding it. They are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone, to stumble. They push things forward — if they like a girl, they show her. They are well groomed individuals usually sporting Van Dyke mustaches.


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4. The Recharged One:

A recharged man takes really good care of his health and the way he looks. He works out regularly. He is a clean-shaven and well-dressed individual. He always smells good and doesn’t believe in unkempt hair. Will usually style his hair up with gel or hair spray.


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5. The Ruler:

A Ruler is the man who oozes with the combination of many traits which make him a great leader. His self-confidence is the difference between his sense of being unstoppable and the being scared out of your wits in the face of controversy. The way he carries himself has a direct impact on how others perceive him, it all reflects in his dress, his demeanor or his witty comebacks.


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6. The Smart One:

A smartly dressed man will always attract attention and make eye-balls turn as he passes by. He has a perfect blend of intellect and Suave. His sense of style reflects his personality..


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