Grooming Tips To Look Dapper On V-Day

Okay. So the most Romantic Day of the Year is almost here. If you have plans to go on a date, then the pressure to make it perfect for her must be riding high on you. Whether it is about picking the right restaurant or choosing the finest gift for her there’s so much to look into. Other than that, you also have to look your best literally.




So how can you make that happen without try too hard? Here’s how:


1. Shave:

Yup. Don’t sport stubble unless and until you are sure you can pull it off with elan. There’s a chance you might end up looking like a homeless junkie which is a strict “no-no” on a Valentine’s Day date. So what do you when you haven’t shaved for weeks? You shave. Go for a cleaner, more suave look on V-Day!



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2. Cleanse:

Face wash, scrub and moisturize pamper yourself—specifically your face. Treat V-Dayas the day to treat yourself with fine grooming products. Don’t take dressing up for this occasion so lightly. It is important to look fresh!




3. Cut Your Nails:

Dirty nails are a major turn-off for any woman. So make sure your V-Day date doesn’t end on a “dirty” note. Get a “man-icure” at home itself. Trim and fine your nails once you are out of the shower.


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4. Wear Cologne:

A delicious smelling man is every woman’s weakness. Make sure your make your date go weak in her knees by wearing appropriate cologne. Have you tried HE deodorant yet? Well, that’s also a good option and offers long-lasting fragrance. Give it a shot!


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5. Accessorize:

A leather jacket, a smart cardigan, cute bow & tie, a rich looking stole or a fancy wrist watch these are some of the options with which you can accessorize your entire apparel of the day. Don’t overdo it. Add an element only if you think it is worth it.



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This year, channel your inner metro-sexuality like never before. However, don’t sacrifice comfort. Dress up as per your plans. Don’t neglect your grooming regime. Look good, look your best like the romantic escapades you have planned with your date.