Grooming Mistakes That Make You Look Unattractive

Do you consider yourself a well-groomed man, but even then women are simply not noticing you? You will be amazed to know that there may be even be times when a mediocre looking and carelessly dressed guy can give you sleepless nights by dating the most beautiful girls of your town! Probably, you are making some grooming mistakes that are actually driving away from you.




1. Applying Too Much Of Fragrances:

Whether it is your fragrant aftershave or your deodorant, you should be extra careful while using such perfumed products. Although these toiletries are considered as essentialities for the modern, well groomed man, applying too much of these can be detrimental. If you do something like that, you will actually end up emitting unnecessarily strong odor that will be unbearable for people around you!



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2. Overlooking The Need Of Skin Hydrant:

Although you are a man and certain male attributes are appreciated by women, it never means that you will be able to create a lasting impression upon women if you have dry and flaky skin. To put it in more simplistic terms, no woman desires that you will have soft and pink cheeks. But at the same time, you need to maintain an even skin tone and hydrated skin texture by applying moisturizing lotion, facial oil, and other such skin hydrating products regularly.



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3. Not Trimming Nails:

Even if you are well groomed and good looking, you will find it really difficult to find a ravishing woman companion if your nails are not trimmed properly. Basically, untrimmed nails accumulate dirt and dust very soon, thereby making you look shabby. Now just imagine who would like to befriend an unhygienic man? For you, a simple yet regular regime will be to trim and file your nails once every week and use a cotton bud to remove the accumulated depositions. That’s all!



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4. Using Worn Out Razors:

While regular shaving is must for every man, it is equally necessary to dispose cartridges and blades that have crossed their expiry date. Instead of doing any good, these shaving equipments will give you skin rashes. It will also not give you proper shave. You may be left with a tuft or stubble here and there. The shave maybe uneven, and your face will not look as smooth as you want it to look.




Now that you know about common grooming mistakes, hope you will not commit them anymore. So, good luck for revised grooming regime.