Grooming Lessons from Bollywood Stars

The world of male grooming is not as evolved as the world of female grooming. There are not many places where you can get the right guidance for your grooming regime. There are also not many inspirations to look up in the department of male grooming. However still, there is a one stop destination for all inspiration and tips for male grooming needs. It is none other than Bollywood. Here we give you some of the best grooming tips, straight from stylish and well groomed Bollywood stars like John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Rampal, etc.


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1. Stay Hygienic:

This is the basic of good grooming. No matter how good you look, no matter how stylish your clothes are. No matter how well you have groomed, everything is an epic fail if you don’t stay hygienic. If your unhygienic habits are discovered, something which is quite possible, then no woman would like to come in your vicinity.




2. Stay Simple and Raw:

Don’t go too overboard with either clothes, or your accessories, or grooming products. The mantra is too stay simple, minimal, and yet stylish. Don’t be too polished. This will bring out your masculinity and yet make you look stylish. This combination of raw masculinity and simple style is quite hit among women.



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3. Develop Your Own Style:

A lot of Bollywood men are developing their own styles, something that common men should also do with their wardrobe. For example, Arjun Rampal is considered quite stylish, and a big credit for it goes to his hairstyle- the unique mane he has always had on his shoulders.




4. Use Skin Friendly Products:

The key to grooming well is certainly not using expensive products. Not all kinds of grooming products suit everyone. Make sure that the product suits you before you start using it. Check if they are not causing any harmful reaction. They should be totally friendly for your skin.



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Bollywood is filled with several stylish actors, and it is not humanly possible to try all actors’ styles. Choose the ones that you like the best. See if it looks good on you and then copy it. If it works for you then fine, otherwise look for another style to borrow.