Grooming Hacks for the Man on the Go

Knowing how to groom is important for every man but not everyone has the time to devote a full, extensive schedule to grooming. Here are some quick and easy grooming hacks that you can follow, that too without hindering your regular schedule much:




1. Frizzy Hair:

If you have a case of frizzy hair and don’t have much knowledge of complicated grooming products that you can use, then we have a simple solution for you. Rub a tiny amount of hand or body lotion between your palms and use it to coax back the frizzy bits of hair back into place.



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2. Shaving:

A bottle of baby oil can go a long way in your shaving regime. You should clean your razor blades with a few drops to make it last much longer. You can also use baby oil instead of shaving cream when you’re out of cream, or you can switch altogether, as it works well too.



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3. Sun Burnt Skin:

Remembering to put on sunscreen is more difficult than it seems and a lot of times people are prone to forgetting this simple yet important precaution. If you have a bad case of sunburn, then drop 6 teabags into hot water and steep until black. Let the liquid cool completely and keep applying to your skin till it is better. It should be considerably healed within 8 hours.



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4. Sweat & Odour:

Sweat and body odour are common problems. If you have a particularly bad case of body odour though, or just want to dabble in some home remedies to keep smelling fresh, then some easily available, household products that you can use are lemon juice, baking soda, regular vinegar, and apple cider vinegar, Pick any ingredient and apply to the sweat prone area, like underarms, after a shower.



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You should stay aware of these important tips on how to groom hair and how to maintain healthy skin. You should also follow up on these genius hacks when you’re going about your day, to keep looking properly groomed.