Grooming essentials for men going for pokewalks

Pokemon, the cartoon series initiated in 1984, mesmerized people worldwide. The game of Pokemon Go, which revolves around chasing Pokemon monsters, gave birth to Pokewalks. If you are one of those crazy Pokemon Go fans, you must not forget these grooming products to look your best even while on-the-go.




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1. Say no to tanned skin:

If Pokewalks are scheduled during the morning or afternoon hours, precaution is a must to prevent tanning or sunburn. You could use a sunscreen with high Sun Protection Factor (SPF), a large brimmed hat or sunshades. You could opt for some of the best lotions for men. You can also carry an umbrella to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.




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2. Fight bad odour:

You might experience bad body odor when you go out for Pokewalks. This might happen due to perspiration in armpits and feet, caused by long hours of walking around. Antiperspirants contain ingredients that control body odor safely and effectively. You could pick from some of the best Deos for men in India.




3. Deal with sweaty hands:

You might not realize it, but while you are busy chasing Pokemon monsters, your hands tend to become sweaty. While it’s not possible to use soap and water while Pokewalking, there’s nothing stopping you from using a fragrant hand sanitizer. This will not only kill germs and viruses, but also ensure that your hands smell good.




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4. Messy hair is no fun:

Pokewalking is an adventure for the heart but make sure it doesn’t turn into an adventure for your hair. To avoid messy hair, carry a small comb while Pokewalking. Being presentable will not only instill confidence in you but also add more zeal to the endeavour.




If you are equipped with the above grooming products, pokewalks will no longer be tiresome for you. So, the next time you are planning to venture out for a pokewalk, make sure that you have the grooming kit ready!