Your Go to Cosmetic Solutions For Fine Skin

Have you been hearing a lot of these terms lately but have no idea where to go to know more? You’ve come to the right place. If you seek major alteration in the way you look, you might want to consider looking at plastic surgery. A few minor changes can make a big difference to your overall appearance. And those are the options we’re going to explore here.


Once known only among medical professionals, Botox is a word that has now become a household term of sorts. It is used in small amounts, by trained dermatologists to help reduce the lines formed on the face. How it works is that it temporarily freezes muscle movement, thus reducing the formation of crow’s feet and superficial wrinkles.




Another advantage of Botox is that it comes in handy to curb hyperhidrosis, meaning excessive sweat. And on a totally different note – it is also used to relieve a person, by a large extent, from pain caused by severe migraines. General studies indicate that almost all of those who resorted to Botox to tackle migraine pain, reported it as highly effective. While a majority said that it helped reduce the instances of headaches to drop by half, the others said that the doses did help make the pain much more bearable.

When using for cosmetic purposes, just make sure that your doctor doesn’t inject too much, or you’ll end up looking plastic. The fun is in seeking help but still managing to keep it real!





You may be tired and all worked up for most part of the year, but there is a way to make your face actually look the exact opposite — almost as if you’ve just stepped out of a spa. A facelift! A surgical procedure designed to knock off the years from your face, it involves reshaping the lower portion of the face by removing loose facial skin. Also known as Rhytidectomy, it will result in tighter and glowing skin, keeping everyone guessing your secret!





Skin tends to wither away from all the dust, pollution, sun and other elements it has to stare at nonstop, day in and day out. We bet there were days when you wished that if only you could buy yourself a brand new layer every few years. Turns out you actually can!

Dermabrasion is a skin resurfacing procedure in which your doctor will use a rotating device to sand out the superficial layer of skin. Your skin will be numbed with anaesthetics throughout and the fresh, sensitive, new, pink skin will soon give way to a fine and relatively wrinkle free layer. It is also a great option to tackle scars left behind by severe acne.

The list is impressive, isn’t it? The best part is that they are all minor procedures and the results will last long enough. Take your pick!